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An Imperfect Aphrodite

You are tired, my goddess

Worn and eroded by goodness

Blemishes only enhance your beauty


We weather together

Though life erodes

Love deepens


Now you have forgotten me

Your empty orbits chiseled

Limestone eroded by a sea foam of tears

Your memories pulverized in smoking fissures

Luminous through vacant spaces


We weather together

Though our bodies wither

Our love is onyx

Our imperfect love

Sublime in stone

Beware of Gifts From Your New Doctor

An acquaintance of mine recently found a new primary care physician accepting his insurance. He chose the name randomly from the health plan list. The doctor’s office, he explained was next door to a kind of Mom and Pop jewelry shop. Both the jewelry shop and the doctor’s office were victimized by frequent thefts, so… Continue Reading

I Followed Her

    I’m new to these parts so when I first see her along the lake, I keep my distance. Time takes on new meaning the moment you feel life change. After a few more bends, past the fragrance of algal pools and submerged beechwood, I make my approach. I’m gradual and polite, respectful of… Continue Reading

Spring Ahead

Spring reminds us of renewal at the end of winter agony. Now is the time we look forward to the change in nature, a blooming and thawing of the human spirit; longer days with a warming of the heart. We are reminded of the metaphor of spring in classic tales such as the opera La… Continue Reading

Kisses Before Death

I kissed two patients in hospitals before they died. I’m not talking about family. These were people I hardly knew. The first was my first patient in medical school. Mr. Leakey was a seventy-nine year old male with a child’s face and unruly thinning hair. I spent hours trying to understand his varied complaints of… Continue Reading

Cupid’s Arrow: Love Your Heart Month

“February is American Heart Month,” an exsanguinating man tells me while we’re standing on line in the ER. “You’ve got to respect your heart.” Two arrows stick out of his chest with a gurgling sound when he breaths. He soaks up the blood in a towel underneath. “Are you okay?” I ask. “There’s a hole… Continue Reading

Ghosts on a Path

There was a time when I drove to work or did something more daring like skiing down a mountain, I always saw my parents on either side of me–hovering, maybe floating at shoulder level, nodding their silent approval. They glanced at one another and back down over my shoulders to observe and silently ask one… Continue Reading