It has something to do with extracting other people’s thoughts. About digesting the brains of those we love.


Not all that splatters is paint.

Rocky Road

“They opened a Baskin-Robbins,” said my mother. The butcher was gone and the ice cream came in.

I Fail to Bring Back Lunch

You promise your son lunch and the next thing you know, you may not see him again for weeks.

Dreams from the Pandemic: A Weird Paralympics

she begins her routine: an Esther Williams inspired back stroke combined with a sort of twenty five yard strut—the kind of walk old people do in a pool and consider exercise.

Graft vs Host

But I couldn’t stop thinking about my donor’s girlfriend and soon I began to feel guilty. Guilt was probably something I inherited from the Jewish heart.

Paco and I

Opposites attract. We lasted four years together, bonded over bong hits and Pink Floyd

© Richie Smith 

© Richie Smith