Opening Up

The “swim to a raft-like island in the distance…enticing everyone like a beacon, an overdue celebration after a long, unbearable hibernation.”

Lonely Bird

Far from her nest she cries for the birds she loves


He’s Jughead, the hungry skinny kid, who for no good reason, always wears that paper crown.

The Lone Ranger

The lone ranger is not afraid of death rattles or rattle snakes.

What Comes Next?

I didn’t know they have cemeteries in Manhattan. Maybe this is a new thing.

Almost Sleeping with a Sister

I once met a woman at a dance club in Israel. Her name was Ora, which translated as “of the light.”

Her first language was Russian, so we spoke in…

Fair Memories of Two Fairs

I remember my father telling me about the 1939 world‘s fair.  He was only five years old back then. It was only a year or so after his father died suddenly and tragically from appendicitis. My bewildered five-year-old father with his…

Abstraction from Zona G

In nuclei of your target cells, I saw the aldosterone man. He nodded slowly and then they blindfolded me and brought me into his lab, made me sign a consent form holding a pen in my teeth, made me wait until the…

Many Years Later

Many years ago,

at the water’s edge, I played this game with my son.

Between waves, we built an ancient land…

Man Over Moondust

The spice and the dust

Flavors my insides

Silicates and curries…

© Richie Smith 

© Richie Smith