Blue Storm

Blue flatulence under a tailpipe

Blue flatulence under a tailpipe splinters my breath

The Donation of Plasma

We feel(felt) life draining from us, now we feel the thrill of getting(giving) it back.

Milano Terminus

The soft fillet of his own skin is thrown over his shoulder like a scarf—a scarf preserved in marble.


What if the virus was nothing more than a really annoying kid in a really bad comic book?

Opening Up

The “swim to a raft-like island in the distance…enticing everyone like a beacon, an overdue celebration after a long, unbearable hibernation.”

Lonely Bird

Far from her nest she cries for the birds she loves


He’s Jughead, the hungry skinny kid, who for no good reason, always wears that paper crown.

The Lone Ranger

The lone ranger is not afraid of death rattles or rattle snakes.

© Richie Smith 

© Richie Smith