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What Does Brown Do for Me?

Sep 10, 2022 | Uncategorized

What does it do for me?

It allows connections.

These brown crayons on the brown desk.

That brown dog in the barber shop.

Today BP is marrying NR and they say he went to Brown.

He played baseball. Almost made it to the pros.

They met in high school while working for UPS. Brown made the connection.

The brown bear they saw shot through the heart.

symbolic for the arrow he shot through her heart. The crayons were missing that day. Brown didn’t deliver.

No brown crayons to color in the brown bear.

Yet he played baseball like other notable Brown players


Like Mr. Haney, who was the only Brown catcher to switch from

left handed catcher to right handed, because even though his glove was large enough to catch waffle irons, he became quite small. Brown didn’t come through.

He went to Brown?


He was brown. Not his college or skin tone, his card color. When we used to flip cards, his was brown, until he was right handed and then his card was green. Poor Mr. Haney.

Wait, wasn’t Mr. Haney the guy who tried to swindle people on that old TV show, “Green Acres?”


But our NR wasn’t a Haney. He spent his Brown time on the brown infield dirt and then in Brown earth-tone restaurants or staring at the brown bark of trees in parks.

He speared his own version of Britney Spears in the heart and unlike the uncolored brown bear or any of the Haneys, they lived happily

ever after.

That’s what Brown did for them.

And for us.


Mr. Haney clips:


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© Richie Smith 

© Richie Smith