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The Disintegration of My Sole

Feb 15, 2015 | Curbside Consults

A man in these shoes walks tall

stoic like a Great Dane

sipping coffee in their vibrant, ergonomic home


What did Jonathan Franzen say about freedom? Something long and profound

enough to make me laugh

and cry


I echoed the sentiment

felt it in our foundation

from the soles of my feet

in my Danish Eccos


The bottoms disintegrating from a design flaw

a technical glitch,

the floor smeared with loose and crumbling hydrocarbons


That defaced and lonely mermaid

still perched on a rock

in a chilly harbor


Bullet ridden Copenhagen glass

a stained flaw

at the bottom of my sole




  1. Honey

    Wow, this is in every repecst what I needed to know.

    • Richie Smith

      Thanks for responding. Hope your soles remain intact.


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© Richie Smith 

© Richie Smith