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Bob’s Blog: Forlorn Frenchie

Jun 16, 2015 | Bob's Blog: Forlorn Frenchie

Milk Mommy vs. House Mommy


Smell like Milk Mommy. Sometime at night, hear bark of Milk Mommy but very short. During morning walk hear screech of Chester. Chester keep howling around corner. Still smell Milk Mommy on corner mailbox but Walk Daddy drag Bob away.

Walk Daddy pull away from park and dog run. Walk Daddy doesn’t give bacon. Pass chicken smell on corner. Black garbage bags always leak meat juice. Strong smell of Rego’s pee. Not Rego’s corner. Jack’s old poop still dark and drying next to old chicken bone on other side of corner. Try to pull to bone but Walk Daddy drag Bob into harness and away.

Couch smell of House Mommy butt. House Mommy friend butt with sweeter smell of meat. House Mommy butt never smell of meat. House Mommy eats fish. Never give Bob any.

Dream of Zoey racing in park. Racing and tug of war. Zoey pull toy. Bob pull toy harder and stronger. Bob pull toy and Zoey chase Bob home, but stronger. Bob grow taller. Zoey barks and Bob bark back louder. Bob eat steak and bone at home. Bob wake up running in place and House Mommy and Walk Daddy laughing at Bob.



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© Richie Smith 

© Richie Smith