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Drinks with Trump

Dec 13, 2018 | Dreams

I’m in the street in some strange city it might be in Mexico or the Midwest. There’s some kind of pedestrian race going on. They may be on scooters or something but they are in the street and there are still cars along the way, the kind of traffic with drivers who don’t know what they’re doing. One of the scooter riders is alongside me in the race and the person behind him tells him to proceed. “Go ahead she yells,” and he does so, but suddenly is stuck under a parked car and injured. Apparently, he thought the car in front of him was going to move but it was parked and therefore he became lodged underneath. I run to help him and I drag him out from under the parked car. He’s not in good shape. I ask him if he hurt his neck and he says, “yes severely.”

He can’t move his neck. I scream out for help from EMS yelling “neck injury!” and wait for a stretcher or some kind of assistance–hopefully a neck brace or something to immobilize him. Other people stand around like idiots.

And suddenly I am in a cheap hotel at the front desk trying to support the kid holding his neck steady in my hands. The front desk clerk is very unhelpful and says that before I can get the kid help I have to check in. I get very angry and ask for the manager and while I’m yelling I lose hold of the kid and he falls again further injuring his neck. I yell some more and then the clerk says that before they will let me put the kid in the stretcher I have to pay his hotel bill.

I can’t believe any of this but I do what is told and I promise that I’m going to write a terrible review on one of the websites and before I know it, I learn that the president owns this hotel and that he is attending a function and will have drinks with some of his supporters.

Soon  I am at a table of four with President Trump having drinks. I tell a lot of jokes and he seems to get a kick out of my humor. The more he drinks, the more he seems to open up and I kind of grow fond of  him. Other people at the table and in the room must be amazed that I’m dominating all of the conversation and that the president is so attentive to my words and humor.

Soon I know it will be time for him to go to the restroom and I’m thinking that I could really get him to open up to me. I can probably get him to tell me more than anyone. But then I worry that he’s going to look me up. Maybe he’s much smarter than I think.For example he’s going to know fairly quickly that I didn’t vote for him in the last election. In the few minutes he’s gone in the bathroom, I panic a bit and convince myself it’s time to register as a Republican.


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© Richie Smith 

© Richie Smith