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Avocado Al Dente

Jul 4, 2020 | Covid-19, Poetry

Change you lens,

eagle eye, who of the eye

inside the solitary plight


discerns our pentad vision: overripe

with images, carved like woodcuts


Hardened avocado, the golden eagle

I thwarted over; her genitalia a filamentous membrane


the love lattice of a network

preventing I,  the mind’s eye, from seeing how it is.


Inflicted with diplopia, I see two suffering men.


Tri-ped Eli tripped up with her

straw-like legs, foot heads

on pointe; the golden gonad rolling in between

like a third eye of movement, fastened by your chastising



Alongside wings

are clouds, clouds of nets

canonized by cherries, a cannonball for a heart;


the solitary eagle eye, and her pterodactyl mouth

squawk in feathery angst.


You want to fly?

Over a green screen: insert any reality you choose


only please pay homage to the beaten soles, the heads on feet

lured into waiting.


Hardened fruit ripens long before it rots.





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© Richie Smith 

© Richie Smith